Slowdive, 2016, single-channel video installation.

Slowdive showcases the anatomy of a video projection: a system (consisting of a projector,
a video-loop, a suspended 4 x 5’ rear-projection screen, and a gallery bench) operates in the
center of the gallery. One can sit on the bench and observe the spectacle projected onto the
suspended screen, or navigate the room and observe the system’s components.

The projection features a loop of unedited footage which has been generated from the
recording parameters of two digital recording devices (a cell phone camera, facedown on
the glass of a flatbed scanner has captured the passage of a 2400 dpi colour scan).

The installation forms a dialogue between everyday devices and a posthuman imaginary:

(...) from out of a vast darkness, slowly moving through layer upon layer of an alien atmosphere
towards the apparition of a surface which gives way to a strobe of prismatic colours and dissolves
into yet another vacuumous black space (...)