DOCX (for Agnes Martin), 2017, time-based digital drawing installation.

DOCX (for Agnes Martin) features a series of horizontal white lines that form and dissolve in an
endless loop. The digital drawing requires a bit of decoding; the indication of a Microsoft Word
document leads to the recognition of a cursor, to a finger that once inputted an underscore,
and to an intermediary recording.

The drawing is an homage akin to Robert Rauschenberg’s ‘Erased De Kooning Drawing’ (1953);
DOCX is both a celebration and an undoing of Agnes Martin’s minimalism. Martin’s aims of
precision are met with an acknowledgment of the tools that mediate such a goal—and her
dream of a transcendental, linear horizon is dissolved in a reorganization of time and space
which suggests the need for a new conceptual model of human agency.